Paradise for skiers and snowboarders

The slopes of Cheget and Elbrus - it is 12 kilometers of cable cars, 35 kilometers of ski slopes and 1,800 meters of elevation.

Elbrus is deservedly among the admirers of alpine skiing and snowboarding one of the first places in Russia, where it is not only possible, but necessary, to ride. Elbrus trails - wide and long fields for freeride, steep extreme slopes and children's frogbags are what is called, walking distance. This feature of the slopes of Elbrus allows you to enjoy skating and experienced freeriders, skiers of respectable age, and cautious beginners, and brisk kids.

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At the service of those who still feel insecure on skis and boards, there is a ski school in Prielbrusye, there are trails for beginners with a small rope tow on the Azau rollout and a fenced slope with a treater for the little ones - & quot; Sabiy Park & ​​quot; .


There are two skiing areas in the Elbrus region. The marked Elbrus slopes are wide, with a comfortable slope, ideal for training and quiet riding. This is the very place where you can roll out the younger generation already on the wing, and at the same time enjoy yourself. And from the endless glacial fields and alluring slopes of the gorge Terskol skis of advanced riders are itching. Attention! Officially, skiing outside marked trails is not allowed. And not groundless. And without a guide, there is absolutely no need to go there.
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Trails and lifts

Freeride and Skytour

For Elbrus Freeriders & ndash; especially tidbit. This is due to the huge area of ​​off-piste areas, the availability and duration of the season in this region. Freeride season: January-April. Then begins the season skitour, which, depending on the weather, can last up to two months.
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Freeride - free skating. But as you know, freedom is a conscious need. Awareness is the key to a successful ride. Do not neglect the schools of freeride and avalanche safety, even if you are a god of the tracks. Worth about it read or & nbsp; at least watch a video on the topic. It’s more reliable and quieter.

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The main task of the freeride school is to ensure your safety of the off-piste by improving the technique of riding on the slopes of various steepness, with different types of mountainous terrain - from wide fields to narrow corridors, under any snow conditions - from deep fluffy virgin lands to hard firn and ice.

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Similarly, the task of the avalanche security school is to ensure your own safety. When and how are avalanches generated? When, how and where can you or absolutely not ride? How to search for a victim? Agree, going to the boring mountains such knowledge is worth having in the baggage.
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