What is a freeride?

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A freeride is an axiom of love for snow and speed.

A freeride is the acquisition of faith in oneself and one's capabilities.

Freeride is an accurate calculation and risk.

Freeride is a shabby backpack and reliable skis.

Freeride is three left sticks and two shovels without handles.

A freeride is like-minded friends who, at the same time looking at the lights of the city blurred by the rain, come up with the idea: "But what about?"

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Everyone is used to this word so much that it doesn’t require an explanation.

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But Zhora Dubenetsky - one of the most famous ski journalists and photographers wrote a very poetic and accurate article & quot; What is a freeride & quot ; . Article is 25 years old, and it has not lost relevance.